A Home for your Business

Owners and founders of leading business services companies have trusted Evergreen to help them achieve their transaction goals and be a steward of their legacy. We are committed to acquiring and holding businesses forever and empowering management teams with a proven playbook for growth.

Selling your business is the most important transaction of your life and we’ve had incredible success guiding companies through the next stage of their growth. Our north star is our People First mentality. That means we empower employees and treat each deal as a unique opportunity to work with owners to support and grow businesses into perpetuity.

We have the benefit of sharing best practices between the exceptional leadership teams across our portfolio. We are committed to specific industry focuses, and all Evergreen companies have access to the community platform that connects leaders across the entire portfolio. We believe that by connecting CEOs and other team members with their counterparts at other companies, everyone can learn and grow.

How We're Different

We never sell the businesses we buy

Our committed capital allows us to purchase 100% of your business in cash up front

Our platform companies remain independent through our decentralized operating model

We are committed to employee retention and empowering management teams

We approach every investment with a mindset of driving sustainable growth over the long term

Investment Process

Quick Decisions

We will quickly reach conclusions on opportunities and will be transparent in our feedback.

Win the Deal

Our committed capital allows us to purchase 100% of your business in cash up front. You won’t have to deal with contingent payments that put us on the opposite side of the table as you.

Founder's Legacy

We help founders achieve their transaction goals and empower management with a proven playbook for growth.

Core Values


We empower our management teams and employees to deliver exceptional service and grow their businesses.

Character & Discipline

We do what we say we will do and consistently act with fairness, honesty and humility.


We will not stop in our quest to fulfill our mission of building a large group of leading services companies.

Growth Mindset

We approach every opportunity and challenge with a growth mindset and believe strongly in continuous improvement.

Together we’ll work to grow your business, cement your legacy and empower your people.