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Financial Technology Group

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The Evergreen Financial Technology Group (EFTG) is a permanent home for great businesses that serve financial institutions.

Communities everywhere count on local financial institutions and local FIs count on technology businesses for their success. EFTG strives to be the best, permanent partner for those technology businesses.


From 2020 to 2022, EFTG acquired the 4 resellers of Sharetec, which specializes in core, mobile, and internet banking applications designed for credit unions. These acquisitions laid the cornerstone of EFTG’s vision. Today, Sharetec serves over 330 credit unions across the United States and the Caribbean, promising a future of cutting-edge technology and new services, enabling credit unions to reach new heights.

In 2023, EFTG displayed a commitment to credit union and banking partners. We welcomed Lodestar Technologies to enhance data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities. Global Wave, a commercial loan origination platform, joined the team, with the aim of streamlining the lending process for our institutions. And, Infonancial, a Canadian core processor serving credit unions since 1989, further expanded EFTG’s ability to ensure core processing is seamless, secure, and convenient.

Our journey is marked by continual growth, with the goal of providing our financial institutions with the utmost quality and positioning technology partners like you to operate at the highest standard. Are you ready to come aboard?

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Steffi Decker, CEO

Steffi Decker is the CEO of Evergreen Financial Technology Group. Steffi is also the CEO of Sharetec and chairman of the Lodestar board. 

Prior to founding the Evergreen Financial Technology Group, Steffi was a Senior Partner at Chong + Koster, a digital marketing firm in Washington, D.C. A Duke University graduate and Berkeley-Haas MBA, Steffi now calls South Bend, Indiana home, where she lives with her husband Andrew and three devious dogs, Bendix, Forest and Pre.

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