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Bill Peters

Co-Founder & CEO, JENLOR

In 2001, Bill Peters and Don Garrett started JENLOR. Bill and Don began working together as colleagues at a previous company offering internet services and a basic suite of network services. Both of them quickly noticed untapped opportunity while working in this space. At the time, their services were in high demand but their employer’s service-delivery was broken and they began churning customers. Their employer was focused almost entirely on sales and not enough on customer service, process, and communication. 

Bill and Don formed strong bonds with their customers and became attuned to their needs. They decided to form JENLOR to gain control of service delivery, and their own fate. JENLOR started out providing internet connectivity and installation services that soon expanded into deploying basic network environments. These network environments demanded structured service plans, such as basic managed services or pre-scheduled onsite visits. Basic managed services evolved into more comprehensive service programs, which led them to become very connected to their customers. It was with this evolution that JENLOR would emerge as a trusted leader in the Pittsburgh market, and a true customer-centric IT firm.

In the years that followed, they developed a uniquely qualified team to help them realize their goals. This team would form the foundation of success for JENLOR. Bill is proud to say that a warm and collaborative culture has grown around their company. Creating a strong, cohesive culture to drive the company forward continues to be his focus.

Bill Peters
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First Job

My first real job was in 1995 straight out of college with Simmons Business Systems. I stockpiled the trunk of my car with copiers and cold called my assigned territory. This meant a lot of face-to-face relationship selling and phone canvassing. Email communication wasn’t yet relevant. It was a great experience right out of college. I loved the challenge of selling.

Proudest Moment

Bringing my first child into this world and years later adopting my daughter. They both make me proud.

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What Drives You

High expectations of myself and others, and fear of failure
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Motto for Life

“Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.”