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Michael Fried

Founder, President & CEO, Tech-Keys

Michael started Tech-Keys in 2009 and built an amazing team that prides itself in outstanding customer service. Under Michael’s leadership, Tech-Keys has grown from a three-person break/fix IT company to the world-class MSP they are today. Michael’s passion for Tech-Keys and the reputation that it has for exceptional services manifests in each interaction. It’s that passion that attracts customers and motivates the team to continue improving at every opportunity. 

When Michael isn’t hard at work, he is spending time with his beautiful family or competing with friends in cycling competitions. Michael is known in his community as someone that’s always helping others and the community.

Michael Fried
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First Job

At 14 years old, on vacation with my family at a hotel, I was getting bored and was itching to work, so I asked the hotel owner if I could be a waiter — he wouldn’t need to pay me, just allow me a share of the tips. He was ecstatic and after my first free year, hired me for the summer for the next few years thereafter! I also had several summer jobs stuffing envelopes for a local cancer organization.

Proudest Moment

Personally – Marrying my beautiful wife, and the birth of each of my five children! 

Professionally – While we have been blessed with so much to be thankful for, I think I can say with confidence that what gives me the greatest sense of pride and accomplishment professionally is when we receive our positive client feedback, from the one liners to the effervescent praise received from some, that tells us all we need to know about what an amazing team we have at Tech-Keys and how successful we have been at developing the ultimate company culture.

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What Drives You

“Creating Success for Others” – Be it the team, our clients or whomever I can create success for, the vision of doing so pushes me harder than any other goal.

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Motto for Life

Those who know me, know that I am not limited to one; however, something I learned early on is “Aim for the sky, you can land on the tree. Aim for the tree and land flat on your face.” Don’t be afraid to aim high – you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to do!