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A Permanent Home
for Your Business and Leaders

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Evergreen acquires companies and supports their growth over an indefinite hold period. 

We acquire Managed IT companies, government service providers, and application management companies committed to marrying capital allocation with inspired operations.


The decision to sell your business is a complicated one.

Selling your business is one of the most important decisions of your life. We take this seriously and understand our role as stewards of your legacy.

Unlike other private equity firms, we will retain your employees, invest in growth, maintain your culture, and remain flexible around your objectives and involvement following a transaction. 

We care about more than the valuation of your company. We care about the team and people that made your organization great. With Evergreen, your people will be taken care of, and your business — your legacy — will live on and thrive.


We will retain your employees and maintain your culture


We will invest in growth and preserve your legacy


We are flexible with your involvement following a transaction

evergreen services logo

Our Focus

Our operating companies typically fall within one of these categories:

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Comprehensive outsourced IT services for SMBs.
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Government Services

Government Services

Outsourced services providers for municipal and federal governments.
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Application Management

Application Management

Software management, resale and integration partners.
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Financial Services

Software and financial service partners.
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Our Companies

We concentrate on investing in business services companies, with a particular focus on managed services and government services companies. 

Given our long term strategy, we are committed to dedicating all of our time and resources to specific industries that align with our model and becoming leading industry buyers. Our platform companies typically have $2mm+ EBITDA, and add-ons have $500k+.

Our Core Values

Here are the core values we live and work by. We take these values seriously and use them to inform our daily decisions.


We empower our leaders and teammates to take ownership of their domain. There is magic in trusting talented, high integrity leaders to make better, faster decisions.

Rolling Snowballs

We believe in the power of long runways and continuous improvement. When we invest in the right person and the right company, the result is uninterrupted, compound growth.


We are relentless. We set aspirational goals and pursue them with intensity.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are backed with committed capital from Alpine Investors.

We look for businesses that have at least $500k of EBITDA and at least 50% recurring revenue.

We buy 100% of the business and occasionally offer the opportunity for sellers to roll a portion of their proceeds into Evergreen shares. We prefer using cash rather than Evergreen stock to acquire companies.

Our committed capital gives us the ability to do 100% cash upfront deals. That said, we are committed to solving for a structure that maximizes value for all parties and are open to a variety of different deal structures that include earnouts, seller notes and rollover equity.

We are flexible with your go-forward role depending on your objectives. We have supported a wide range of owner involvement from a full transition out to continuing to run the business.

Valuation is based on a variety of different things and we encourage you to set up a call so we can learn more about your business and discuss how we would think about a valuation. You can also submit some basic info to to get a free and confidential valuation estimate.

We look to retain all employees post-close and will seek to grow your team alongside your business over time.

We believe in a decentralized operating model with independently run platform businesses and add-on acquisitions that take on different levels of integration depending on what makes sense for that particular business.
We understand you are busy running your business and want to make the process as painless as possible. Whether it is just an introductory call to explore your options or a full acquisition, we will work efficiently and be transparent. Should we pursue a deal, we can complete the full process within a 90 day period from start to finish.

The first step would be an introductory call with us to learn more about each other and assess if there is a fit. Following that, we execute an NDA and review basic financial information to get to the point of submitting a letter of intent (LOI) which can happen in as quickly as a couple of weeks. Following a signed LOI, we will complete due diligence within 60 days and close the acquisition.