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Make an impact on our businesses and our people: Evergreen Executive Program

Come accelerate your career with us!

We invest broadly in B2B Services companies in four separate verticals: 

  • Managed IT Services 
  • Government Services 
  • Application Management 
  • Financial Services
  • As a company with a long term mindset, our CEOs possess this mindset as well. We invest in our companies with the intent to hold on to them forever, and similarly, we invest in our leaders with the goal that they will grow their careers and flourish with Evergreen for the long term. We reject the paradigm of thinking of your career as “climbing the ladder” but rather, recognize that being CEO is the end-game. We hope to be a place where you can do that for the rest of your career. We believe that remaining in the same CEO role of the same business to exponentially grow it, is an awesome career path.
  • However, we continue to grow at an accelerating pace and there will be no shortage of opportunities for great leaders to increase their sphere and scope of influence through a variety of career paths.

For us, we remain less prescriptive around specific experience and rather focus on attributes that we believe make a successful generalist leader. We do this by making our program different in two key ways:

  1. Empowerment: We offer a CEO- Program rather than a CxO- Program, where we place MBA graduates in GM/CEO/P&L Ownership roles on day 1.
  2. Permanence: We invest in companies and people for the long-term, your next role isn’t dependent on an exit event.
  • With our CEO Program, we place folks on the Executive in Residence bench, where they will then go through a matching process to find the company that is right for them. 
  • We set expectations for the matching process to take between 3-9 months but our goal is to match you as soon as possible. We understand that your main goal is to operate a business and develop into the best leader possible so we do our best to get you there quickly. While there are meaningful ways to learn and create an impact while in residence, we remain adamant to get you on a path to work towards your goals.
  • We believe that the CEO job is one that is best learned in the seat rather than the classroom. We strive to get you direct experience working with our seasoned executives.
  • You will have access to the Evergreen Growth Playbook, that includes a host of materials on driving business growth and building teams.
  • As an incoming GM or CEO, you will have the opportunity to lead and build a business. Your primary responsibility will be growing organic EBITDA and recurring revenue, improving employee NPS and building a high performing leadership team. Upon establishing a successful track-record as a GM or a CEO, a variety of career paths have the potential to be explored, therefore, we are able to customize your career path to your goals. Some of which include: continuing to lead and grow your business, leading multiple groups of businesses while hiring other GMs and Executives, or starting to drive M&A strategy and deal execution.
  • Through your CEO, CPO Advocate and mentors along the way, we are extremely committed to helping you develop and pursue a fulfilling career path for the long haul!
I was drawn to Evergreen's EIR program because of the unique opportunity to own a P&L within a culture of high empowerment, accountability, collaboration and support. I very much resonate with Evergreen's long-term hold model and believe that the combination of these factors allows me to be the best leader that I can be, building great teams and products while delivering exceptional client service.
Divya Konuru

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