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We are focused on Managed IT Services, Application Management and Government Services companies. Given our long-term strategy, we are committed to dedicating all of our time and resources to specific industries that align with our model and becoming leading industry buyers. Our platform companies are typically $2mm+ of EBITDA, and add-ons are $500k+.

Our Industries

Managed IT Services

Almost every small to medium-sized business relies on outsourced IT services to provide and operate their network infrastructure. Managed Services Providers (MSPs) supply an IT framework alongside proactive and reactive support services. We invest in companies with high levels of recurring revenue, customer retention and strong organic growth.

Government Services

Federal, state, and local governments rely on third party providers to deliver a wide range of services across departments, including IT, library services, parks and recreation, public safety, and more. Service providers have the ability to provide a higher level of service and relieve pressure on constrained budgets and busy departments, allowing governments to focus on important issues in their communities. We invest in service-oriented companies with high levels of recurring revenue and strong organic growth.

Application Management

Companies of all sizes rely on a variety of software tools and platforms to run their businesses. Software providers have robust partner ecosystems that they leverage to sell, implement, customize and manage their tools for end customers. We invest in companies with high levels of recurring revenue and strong value propositions to the providers and customers.

Our Companies

Platform Companies

Add-On Investments