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Evergreen Bets Big on Disrupting the IT Marketplace for Apple-Centric Businesses, with Acquisition of Interlaced


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SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Evergreen Services Group, a portfolio of IT services companies, today announced an investment in Interlaced LLC, the leading provider of IT services in the Apple space. This deal positions Interlaced to continue operating independently, while also spearheading a new Evergreen division that focuses exclusively on delivering IT to companies who leverage Apple products. Interlaced leadership includes CEO Jill Greenberg, President, Jeff Gaines, and Vice President, Noah Pettit. Founders Adam and Wesley Pettit exited Interlaced earlier this year to focus on a new venture.

“Today’s workforce is comprised of a more tech-savvy user base. This is particularly true in the Apple-centric market segment”

This investment will allow Interlaced to scale its business, with key investments in forthcoming products that are anticipated to heavily disrupt the IT marketplace. The vision is that startups and SMBs will for the first time have access to IT Strategy, Device Management & Security, and 24/7 live chat support via Slack, SMS, and Social channels all at an attractive price point.
Interlaced has identified the major challenges that plague SMBs and startups today, and they’ve designed their product offering to solve the most challenging and underserved IT issues. This begins with the roadblocks that businesses encounter when they are looking to scale.
“The most significant IT-related issue that growing businesses face is their inability to onboard new users efficiently,” said Interlaced Vice President, Noah Pettit. “We’ve recognized that non-IT resources are being asked to manage IT responsibilities during a company’s initial growth phase, and as a result the user experience tends to suffer. We solve for this by managing procurement and introducing automations to quickly provision apps, accounts, and settings. Not only does this drastically reduce resource burden, but it ensures that new users have a positive first experience with their technology.”
Interlaced is the fourth IT services company to join the Evergreen family, following investments in JENLOR, Wolf Consulting, and Executech earlier this year. Evergreen continues to actively invest in leading managed services providers throughout the United States, where it can serve as a long-term capital partner and support future growth.

Leading the Apple Space

Interlaced’s contributions as a leading IT provider in the Apple space first caught the attention of Evergreen in late 2017. Evergreen CEO, Jeff Totten, and Head of M&A, Ramsey Sahyoun, were impressed with Interlaced’s proven track record, tight-knit relationship with Apple, and modern, cloud-first approach to IT. Recognizing the upward trend of Apple device adoption in the workplace, as well as the proliferation of cloud technologies, Evergreen made the move to acquire Interlaced.
“Today’s workforce is comprised of a more tech-savvy user base. This is particularly true in the Apple-centric market segment,” said Interlaced President Jeff Gaines. “Rather than focusing our efforts on a conventional, bloated solution, we’ve instead set out to solve for all of the ways in which traditional providers are falling short. Our goal has been to make IT easy to consume with a service that is easy to understand. This starts with transparent, affordable pricing plans that are available through a frictionless sign-up process, and it extends to services that can be accessed 24/7 in a number of convenient ways including Slack and SMS.”

About Interlaced

Interlaced is a team of consultants, engineers, and strategists, and is one of only a few sophisticated Apple-centric IT providers in the world. They use industry-leading support tools to simplify technology and deliver an easy-to-consume IT experience. Interlaced works with a diverse client base ranging from startups to established organizations across a variety of verticals including design & creative, healthcare, software, biotech, and law. To learn more about Interlaced, visit

About Evergreen Services Group

Evergreen Services Group is a family of leading business services companies backed by Alpine Investors and operated by world-class leadership teams and service professionals. Evergreen partners with founders of business services companies to provide operational assistance and capital in support of growth and exceptional service delivery. Evergreen differentiates itself by having a long-term time horizon and by focusing first and foremost on providing a great home for founder-led businesses that care deeply about their customers and employees. For more Evergreen Services Group news and information, visit


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