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Alyssa Silverman


Alyssa is a Talent Associate. She focuses on building out the spectacular team at Evergreen Services Group. Alyssa has a passion for getting to know people. She strives to understand what drives people, finding them the perfect place within our Evergreen family.

Prior to joining Evergreen, she worked in People Operations and Talent Acquisition across multiple industries, including EdTech, Staffing Services, Saas, Smart Infrastructure, and FinTech. She earned her Masters Degree in Communication Studies from San Francisco State University.

Alyssa loves all things traveling, cooking, and hiking. She also loves music and has been a musician since she was 10. She has an interest in theater arts, visual arts, and psychology. She especially loves traveling internationally and hopes to visit all seven continents eventually!

alyssa silverman
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First Job

Restaurant Seating Hostess


Proudest Moment

Any time I extend a job offer to someone knowing it will change their life for the better

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What Drives You

My incredible family and circle of friends, building genuine connections with people, continuous learning and growth

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Motto for Life

It’s better to get it right than to be right