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DJ Dorff

CEO, Executech

DJ grew up in central Indiana near Indianapolis but has recently come to call Utah his home. If you asked DJ when he was 15 what he wanted to be when he grew up, his answer would be the same as it is today: he wanted to create jobs for people. DJ has let that vision drive him through his life and career.

DJ graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from BYU and went on to Stanford to earn his MBA and JD.

DJ’s first passion is for people and relationships, but he also loves technology. Some of his past positions have been business operations manager for Adobe and founder of an employee analytics company he started while in graduate school.

DJ now leads operations at Executech and has brought an increased focus on accountability and data, while still staying true to his vision of building relationships and helping people in their careers. DJ loves spending time with his family, sports and running. He was also an actual DJ in high school.

DJ Dorff
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First Job

Lifeguard at youth summer camp


Proudest Moment

Converting my wife into a die-hard NBA fan

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What Drives You

Understanding people, appreciating them, and supporting them in their journey to reach their full potential

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Motto for Life

有办法 (“you banfa” – Chinese for “There is a way,” or in other words, “You can make it work. Nothing is impossible.”)