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Kristen Shepard

Community, Culture, and Events

Kristen is the driving force behind community, culture, and events at Evergreen. With a decade-long tenure at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, she brings a wealth of experience in crafting exceptional experiences. Kristen is the architect of a positive, productive, and inclusive office atmosphere, ensuring that Evergreen’s cultural tapestry flourishes.

Kristen attended San Francisco State University and studied Hospitality Management, Kristen’s expertise in event planning is evident in her ability to seamlessly weave engaging experiences throughout the Evergreen portfolio. Her passion for fostering a vibrant community is the heartbeat of Evergreen’s thriving culture. Beyond her professional pursuits, Kristen is an enthusiastic traveler and a connoisseur of costume parties. With a genuine appreciation for communal gatherings, she especially delights in potlucks and cooking with her friends.

Kristen Shepard
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First Job

Camp Counselor at a youth soccer camp


Proudest Moment

Working and supporting myself through college, finally paying off my student loans, and popping champagne afterwards!

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What Drives You

Bringing people together. Taking care of others. Seeing the smiles on peoples faces when you organize a successful event. Generally making people happy.

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Motto for Life

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.