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Taz Ridgely


Taz is on the Operations team at Evergreen and works with leadership teams to drive organic growth across the portfolio. Prior to Evergreen, he sat on the Corporate Development team at Lightwave, a former portfolio company of Alpine Investors.

Taz graduated with honors from the University of Virginia, where he studied Finance and Business Analytics at the McIntire School of Commerce. In his free time, he is an avid home cook, loves to scuba, and is a budding runner.

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First Job

Do-it-all assistant for the founder of a mobile veterinary startup


Proudest Moment

Moving in with my partner after years of long distance living

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What Drives You

Continuous improvement, always looking to grow. Doing good with good people. Being an excellent friend, colleague, and mentor.

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Motto for Life

Attitude and effort are all we can control